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The inaugural run was on March 20, 2021.

Sign up for our future events below. The next one will be on March 19, 2022.

Since you asked: yes, we welcome walkers, half-marathon runners, and those who want to form a relay team. The more the merrier.

A story

Hi, I am Jana Gallus, an associate professor at UCLA. I 've been a runner ever since moving house made a team sport pretty much impossible. In 2018 I had triplets. I really wanted to get back into running post-pregnancy. In 2020 I got to run LA again.

And then came Covid-19. We had to leave the city 3 days after the race. Have not been back since. But was eager to run a marathon again this year. So that’s what prompted the idea. When? On a run. Of course.

Thankfully, I was not the only one. You can find impressions from our inaugural run here and on Twitter. It was a blast.

Sign up below to join us for future runs. We are an open initiative that includes running aficionados as well as those who simply want to have fun and finally run that first (half-)marathon. Check out our Footprint and help us cover the globe.

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We’ll run the world again, on March 19, 2022

By signing up you agree to participate in a large-scale social experiment – run with and by social scientists ;)

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Email us at janagallus@gmail.com

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