Everybody runs (or walks) on the same day. Marathon, half-marathon and shorter distances. We welcome all participants.

After each run we count the number of participants and countries represented and celebrate every kilometer or mile conquered. Maybe we’ll even get to set a world record. ;-)

Track our run & have fun

Ideally, people use a tracking device and submit a screenshot after the run. But even if you don’t want to run with such a gadget, this is fun and we’ll welcome your participation.

Everybody gets a personal start number, which they’ll get to keep for all future runs. There’ll also be a nice and shiny certificate for everyone who participated.

If you have never run a marathon, you could be our hero!

We ‘borrowed a page’ from the Tour De France and celebrate our Lanterne Rouge for each run: The person who finishes the marathon distance in the longest amount of time, while still finishing on the day of the event (subject to your consent to being celebrated).

A global virtual crowd

We share favorite podcasts, audiobooks and music (here’s our first playlist, here’s number 2), exchange tips, discuss ideas, etc. We get together for The Big Hangout after the run. Instead of paying for a marathon bib (~$100 or more), in the future we might pool our money and get the same food ordered to our homes to eat it all at the same time via Zoom. And/or we can donate to charity what we would otherwise pay for the bib.


We worked with artists to produce #RunTheWorld swag that’ll activate identity motivation and keep up the good vibes until the next marathon ;).

We got you covered: a visor hat (option 1, option 2), ear warmer, marathon shirts (tank top, t-shirt), shirts with our logo (tank top, t-shirt), and a mug. All customizable. Got more ideas? Send them our way.

(Note: We do not benefit in any way from orders.)

Pre-commit to participate now

With your consent, we’ll make that commitment public. You won’t want to let your buddies down. This is Relational Incentives Theory applied. And your chance to finally run that (half-)marathon.

Next run: September 22 , 2024

The Saturday before the next equinox!

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